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Thread: High The Horse Episode 1 "They See Me Rollin"

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    High The Horse Episode 1 "They See Me Rollin"

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    Nice stuff. I always like "non-CGish" work. Short, but not a frame wasted.

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    Cool, thanks ! I appreciate that very much

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    hahaha, i really like the way it lick the board before rushing!... ting!

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    Hahaha, nice ! I'm glad you liked it )

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    It's a great short.. well done. I look forward to more. I'd suggest at looking at a touch of colour grading to help it feel just a tad more filmic... I feel that would really bring it to life.


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    Hello Thank you !

    What would you personally do in terms of colour grading ? I feel that in terms of contrast and colour saturation it's good but I'm curious about how you see it

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    that is awesome. Really nice job, mate.
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    dafuq did I just watch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
    that is awesome. Really nice job, mate.
    Yay ! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelHill View Post
    dafuq did I just watch?
    Silliness and joy ))

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    Nice one

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    Quote Originally Posted by djwaterman View Post
    LightWave? Nice look and style.
    Yeah, it's all Lightwave with a little bit of ZBrush Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    Nice one
    Thank you kindly


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