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Thread: Updating web apps

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    Updating web apps

    I'm slowing working on updating my web apps. I'm checking their compatibility with TriCaster Advanced Edition Rev 4 and Rev 5, TriCaster TC1 and IP Series systems. I'm also working on updating the installer to figure out what NewTek system you are installing them on and automatically put the files in the correct location. If the installer can't figure out what NewTek system you are running on, it will place the web app folder on the desktop of the system.

    While I'm working on this, I'd appreciate any feedback if you find issues. You can post them here or send me a direct message thru the forums.

    Current 'Tiny Titler' has been updated. I'm working on 'DataLink Timer' now and hope to have that uploaded soon. I'll work on the other apps as I can find time.
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    I was only on AE 5 for a day since there were some issues with that beta update and my Mini. I did try to use both the spreadsheet app and the DL Titler app. Titler worked as before but I could not access the spreadsheet program at all.

    While you are working on apps, any way I could request you add the option to do clock up to your Timer App? I will gladly send over a donation to your page. I know you work hard in your personal time to create these great solutions! I use several of them.

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    Thanks. In TC-AE Rev 5, the location that web app go was changed, so if you try to install the previous installer versions would put them in a location the TriCaster would no longer use.

    A count up is something on the wish list of feature for the Timer app. Perhaps once I get all of the apps updated, I'll see what I can do. My plan for the next app is a Skype TX talkback controller for TC1 and IP Series, so that on the same system you are running Skype TX Control you can trigger the talkback settings of these systems.
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    First off, thank you so much for these awesome web apps! Although I couldn't get any of the ones I tried to work on my 460 AE with Rev 5, I just tested the updated TinyTitler today and it works like a charm. We do a lot of Facebook Lives for our various television brands like HGTV, History, etc. (Canada versions) and do a lot of live viewer comments/questions. The social op does a lot of editing on the fly to fit these into the graphic lower thirds... being able to see them from her notebook and not have to look over at my monitors is fantastic.
    If it's at all possible to expand the 2: text box to show more text for quick edits (we use 1: for the viewer's name), it'd be darn near perfect.

    Looking forward to an updated Stream ID (can't always use the FBL plugin) and will certainly give the others a try when they're updated.

    Again, thank you very much for your efforts.

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    Happy that you find them so useful.

    Luckily, so far, not much work has been required to get some apps updated. The follow apps are now available.

    - DataLink Timer
    - StreamID
    - DataLink Titler
    - SpreadSheet
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    excellent work Kane.
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