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Thread: Virtual Sets with TC1

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    Virtual Sets with TC1


    Is there a place where I can see all of the sets included with the TC1. I am going to buy that baby no matter what; but, I am trying to figure out if I can get by with one of the included 4K sets or if I have to hire somebody to make what I need.

    I see excerpts from 24 sets included with the TC1 on the Newtek site ....but I still don't see one which works for me.

    I am trying to see what is included and hopefully find a good template for what I want to do: Interview people using the talk show function. Me talking to a television screen!

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi Rob,
    Our sets aren't included, but we've just gone through and revamped them for a 4K+ resolution giving you camera zoom at UHD and 4K resolutions:
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