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Thread: MediaDS and TC1

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    MediaDS and TC1

    Guys, I am trying to learn about the impact of the TC1 which is what I will be buying almost immediately.

    Just wanted to see if the MediaDS box is necessary or helpful for streaming IF you are using the TC1. It seems from the promotional materials I have seen that much of the functionality of the MediaDS is included with the TC1.


    Thanking you in advance (most probably Kane). I suspect I will have many similar questions as I rethink my purchase list and if you have a document outlining the detailed specs of the TC1 it would help so I bug you less. In any event, thank you. I was ready to pull the plug on the purchase this week and now everything is different.... especially as you add NDI.


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    To clarify briefly, a bit, it's true that TC1 provides more powerful streaming options than any prior TriCaster - notably the ability to stream two completely independent programs, in addition to all that came before, plus formats right up to UHD.

    What MediaDS brings to the table is something different: Beyond supporting double the number of potential streams of TC1, the integration between NewTek and Wowza software on the same system makes for a number of unique possibilities. My personal favorite is the fact that just about anyone who can connect a video source, ethernet connector, kb, mouse and monitor, can send their stream(s) to the browser of hundred of devices on their local network with a couple of clicks ... without any CDN (or ongoing costs) whatsoever. Stick MediaDS on a counter in a school, office building, hospital, hotel, cruise ship, what have you - plug in a webcam or other video source, connect to the local network and click a couple of buttons - everyone in the place can now watch your program. That's pretty cool!
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