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Thread: Long Bone Chains

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    Quote Originally Posted by daforum View Post
    Hi jeric.
    I was watching this video the other day and heard the script mentioned: LightWiki™ Live 17/03/2017 here:
    Link no workee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldcode View Post
    This is a great video, thanks! I started playing around with the bone dynamics and I've got lots of evil ideas I want to try, but there's one thing I could not figure out how to do.

    Is there a way to have the bone at the top be kinimatic so it does not move, and rest of the bones to be free to move around, but the last bone (or any of the other bones) follows a null or other object as it moves? For example, is there a way to have a rope hanging from a tree, then have a character grab the rope with their hand and move the rope around but still have the top of the rope anchored on the branch?

    That´s a lino showcase vid, he is the expert, and I myself haven´t had time to work much with it..along with too many crashes with 2015 made me put such stuff on hold unfortunately, but what I do know...
    The first bone is automaticly made kinematic so it won´t just drop all bones, you can manually in the bullet tab change any bone to any type of bullet type, so you could actually pin a hanging bridge by making the first bone and the end bone kinematic and let it be affected by gravity in the middle, or move the end bone in various way.
    You could also probably use other hinges type to make it move differently or even use motors.

    In this sample (all samples) the bone chain needs to be created in order, and you select the bones you need and make them point to point bulletfx, each bone is connected and set up with a constraint type..which could be changed to hinge, cone twist, slider, spring etc...and that determines the connection movement constraints, while the bones themself are made as rigid bodies.

    I would say yes to your proposed scenecase without having testing it, It should be possible ..In my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeric_synergy View Post
    Link no workee.
    Oh no!
    This one should work as i've just copied and pasted the link!
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