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Thread: Wow maybe LW is dead. New blog - few comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samurai_x View Post
    Have you just started noticing this? That idea is a decade too late.
    People have been mobile and internet savvy before smart phones were mainstream.

    Before Ios and android, we were using Foma for mobile phones for surfing and doing face chats more than a decade ago.
    The US was really behind that time.
    Then you must be NARITA BOOOOOOY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surrealist. View Post
    Modo's forums are fine. Keeping up with modern design style (which is understated) and I like it.g.

    I am having a hard time following the thoughts of .."modern design style" in case the new modern design style would be the kind of horrible jagged fonts all over the site,
    In such case..I guess my Title under my Avatar Name is still valid for my views on some things.

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    I've been highly critical of TF's new forum design and implementation, but I'll certainly give credit where due: TF did a really good job making it every bit as accessible from mobile devices as from desktops. I still wish they'd offer a light-on-dark version, and believe there's still too much wasted space on modern-sized desktop screens, but in terms of accommodating mobile devices I agree the TF web team did a really good job (on what's a fairly tricky problem, all told).
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    Personally I love the new Foundry site, that it woks great on all mobile devices is partly why, the other IS the white space which from a design point of view is very important, when I used to design print for a living I would dread client meeting as they would imediatly point to any white space and say "oh look there's a gap there maybe we can squeeze something extra in", nobody gets white space, nobody is comfortable with white space other than designers is the conclusion I have come to after some forty odd years of practicing design, I find that rather depressing.

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    Well, if nobody 'gets' it, is it really that important?

    I've always found Apple layout to be twee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surrealist. View Post
    Nice try. But I am certian you are well aware of the recent proliferation I am referring to. Not taking the bait for the sake of argument.
    What bait? You're old that's it
    Even my grandma has FB and posts her trips to hawaii.

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    Whatever. I like Modo. I don't like the Modo forums because they no longer feel like forums. Simple enough.

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    the modo forum is better now that i discovered you can display all the modo subforums on a single page by default instead of first having to filter out the nuke, mari, etc,... sections. i personally dont really like the new format but its usable and thats all i care about.

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