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Thread: Skype for Business Calls

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    Skype for Business Calls

    First off, We really love our VS4000, it has been a wonderful addition to our production workflow. We are a corporate house that produces internal communications and live shows for the entire organization and It has revolutionized our offerings.

    One major issue we would like to see addressed is a way to interact with Skype for Business accounts. My Organization employs over 300,000 people all of which are Skype for business video enabled. However, Skype TX, and the VS series doesn't accept or make calls to Skype for Business accounts. We work around this by shipping preloaded iOS devices to the people we are about to interview... Integration would be much appreciated.


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    I'll pass this along, but to be clear I should mention that, strictly speaking, this is a feature request for the SkypeTX developers. We would not be able to do this on our own unless they support it.
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    Actually, you might be able to do this already. It's a matter of how the Skype account on the VS4000 is configured:

    Let us know if this solution works. Seems simple enough.


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    Skype TX which Talkshow is based on does not support Skype for Business. The Skype desktop client will work with Skype for business but you cannot configure Skype TX for this purpose.
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