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Thread: 3D Coat or ZBrush

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    Quote Originally Posted by Signal to Noise View Post
    A timely thread! I do plan to get ZBrush once the exchange rate is a tad better. In the interim I do plan on buying a 3d texturing solution. How does Substance Painter compare to 3D-Coat?

    I've done some reading on both. SP has me more intrigued than 3DC ever since I read their "Our Voice" section which apparently is (or was) a part of the EULA?
    i think 3d coat is far more powerful, although substance has some clever little tricks like the particle paint it is very slow compared to 3d coat (mine runs at around 200FPS usually), 3d coat also does not really have an image size limitation as you can manually set image size where as substance is just a drop down picker that seems a little limited to me,
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    UV tools in Blender are pretty good, but sculpting and painting tools are quite rudimentary. I would recommend sculptris, it being free, responsive and really good at sculpting and painting, but it doesn't play well with other apps, it exports fine but existing UVs get destroyed if you go into sculpt mode and you can't retouch an image that is already mapped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLexx View Post
    I usually see many more references to the Substance range than Quixel. Does anyone use or rate Quixel ?
    I've used it a little while and though I can get good results from it, having it work as a Photoshop plugin, more or less, is unsavory. Changes are slow and it's a little crash prone.
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