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Thread: RR Cam

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianr View Post
    Well done, are gonna throw in a Dolly sometime you can toggle?
    The spline can act as a dolly, and the position/rotation falloffs in place mean that you can fade into and out of its influence... unless you had something different in mind?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLexx View Post
    Hi Ryan, I was just wondering if you achieved this in Python, and if your tutorial from Liberty3D covers that sort of ground. Very impressive.
    It most certainly does. Almost all of the functions in this tool operate based on the name of the RR Cam controls the user has selected, and there are conditionals that determine what to do if non-RR Cam controls are selected. Granted, it is hard to cover every conceivable detail about using Python and we are talking about an intro course, but it'll get you off the ground.

    If one wanted to replicate a behavior similar to my scripts, the user has to know the following:

    - Deep understanding of how Lightwave's constraint systems work. There are a lot of complex inter-connected rig setups that utilize both Lightwave constraints (in motion options) and expressions which are assigned and created relative to the user's selection.

    - How to examine bits of text and chop them up to retrieve only the parts needed. For example:

    MyVariable = "MyItem_ThisProperty"
    print MyVariable
    print MyVariable[:6] # Remove everything after the first 6 characters
    print MyVariable[7:] # Remove everything before the first 7 characters

    Output (in python console)

    a very large chunk of the RR Cam tools are based on this concept at its core, and the cool thing about this approach is that it will work in every application that supports python, since nothing here is specific to a particular user interface.

    Regardless, if you do end up picking up the Python learning content, feel free to hit me up if you are looking to achieve a particular goal, and I can at the very least point you in the right direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwiede View Post
    Yeah, kind of reminds me a bit of ScoobyCam Tools (C4D) as well. Add dolly, crane, and variable-steadycam support and it'd be almost the same.
    Yes nice plugin but another example of something that should be part of the base package. C4D includes various camera rigs like cranes, foot / hand / head / focus dynamics, dynamic re-parenting / re-targeting, multiple targets and paths, align to path / spline etc etc. all out of the box since many years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Roye View Post
    Yes, because this plugin only deals with motion. Furthermore, the plugin does not create any scene dependencies so if you give a scene file to someone else it isn't going to nag the user for missing plugin files; everything is self contained. The only thing that will be missing in a file you provide to someone else is the ability to easily select the various nulls/controllers without the scene editor, and create/remove/edit RR Cam constraint setups. otherwise everything works as before.
    Thanks for the clarification.
    Fantastic, then. I'll buy it tonight.

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    So helpful, thanks.

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    Sharp looking tool. Very cool!

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    Hey Ryan, this look great. I can guess that this might be a little early but do you have a price in mind?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toeknee View Post
    Hey Ryan, this look great. I can guess that this might be a little early but do you have a price in mind?
    Since it is available now, right from their site: $29.95

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    How are those examples coming on, Ryan?

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