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Thread: LW 11.6.3 and OSX 10.12.1 Sierra Install Issue

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    Yes I still have a whole set of every prog I have running under SnowLeopard, and yes the only and I do mean ONLY reason I updated to Sierra was because of bloody Photoshopping CC, but thats no excuse for LWGroup not doing some sort of bare minimum maintenance

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    Have you looked into Affinity? I've switched from Illustrator to Affinity Designer. It also has what they call a pixel persona, which are pixel based layers. I now use it for everything I've used Illustrator/Freehand for in the past as well as most of what Photoshop was used for. They also have Affinity Photo if you need even more high end Photoshop type stuff. And the best part is no subscription!
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    have the same problem. Can't install 11.63 version on Mac with Sierra .
    the installer don't run.
    any solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerry_g View Post
    but thats no excuse for LWGroup not doing some sort of bare minimum maintenance
    Agreed 100% -- Mac LW users always seem to get the "short straw" w.r.t. LW3DG fix/maintenance effort, but this current situation is deplorable.
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