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Thread: [Linux] Unable To Activate Chronosculpt

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    [Linux] Unable To Activate Chronosculpt


    Two Chronosculpt v1.01 licenses have been bought by the company I'm currently working at.

    Unfortunately we are unable to activate Chronosculpt. Whenever we drag&drop the license files to the licensing panel, we get the "The license has been added. Please restart ChronoSculpt to activate it".

    Upon restart, the Licensing panel appears again, asking to drag&drop a license.

    However, each time, the same license informations are added to the <user_home>/.NewTek/ChronoSculpt/1.0/licenses/LICENSE.LWK file.

    I suspect ChronoSculpt attempt to connect to the Newtek database or something, should we open some specific port(s) in order for the activation process to succeed ?

    (we are on Ubuntu)
    Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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    I'm on Ubuntu and it worked initially but now falls to start. I've not really had the time to think about why it's not working. I'll have a go when I get back to my computer later and let you know if and how I get it working.
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