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Thread: Rendering only one piece of geometry in your scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickdigital View Post
    I went here to d/l the files.

    If you download the zip file you'll get all the files that are listed there.

    As for you being on a Mac..not sure I can help. I'm PC.
    Thanks Nick!
    Looks like I'm out o' luck until I upgrade.
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    I have found that limited region + VPR is bestest for non-nodal surface tweaking. For example setting up a wood texture or any procedural.
    In the Pre-VPR age it was sometimes so boring pushing F9 all the time to get the proper result.

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    I use Janus. <3

    But i think you can also use LW´s Compositing buffer export too if you need to render multiple passes of different objects.
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    I usually "load from scene", bring in the lights& camera & the one object I'm concentrating on. Works well for surfacing and matte passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickdigital View Post
    I went here to d/l the files.

    If you download the zip file you'll get all the files that are listed there.

    As for you being on a Mac..not sure I can help. I'm PC.
    Yes, I really should package this, but it's been way down on the list of priorities. For the end-user, all that is needed is the .lsc file and the contents of the docs folder. The rest is part of the source distribution and would likely only confuse people.

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    The scene editor (well, Scene / Dope Editor now) is a good way to turn things on and off because you can multi-select items and check/uncheck them all at once and see their states. You can use either Scene Editor to make items Active (it renders and effects everything else) or not (the |A| column).

    Here's Proton's video on the Scene Editor from LW9 that covers some different stuff:

    That said, you could make all of your objects unseen by camera by (in Object mode) selecting all (ctrl-a) of your objects, opening the properties panel and checking 'Unseen by Camera' and the setting will be applied to all of the selected objects.

    I'd really like to see a 'solo' button added to the scene editor so you could easily, temporarily, turn objects on and off without having to change the active state for all of the objects. I have scenes with dozens if not hundreds of objects including several base objects used for instances so I have a bunch of objects that need to be active and a bunch of items that need to be inactive and I'd like to be able to easily solo/unsolo specific objects or lights without having to go through and pick out which things need to be on or off. There are work arounds (color coding or making selection sets), but a solo toggle like After Effects or audio mixing boards would be handy. This could also probably be done via scripting (check to see what is active and what is inactive and store that (maybe in selection sets), make everything inactive except what is selected (with options for just objects, lights or both) and then a button or just rerunning the script to restore the original).
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    Quote Originally Posted by xchrisx View Post
    Select the item(s) you want to render and press F11.
    This is a proper way.
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    Janus Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by JoePoe View Post

    Hmmmm, Janus is PC only.

    Bit late to the discussion.

    I haven't disclosed it officially, but technically-speaking Janus (v1.8) is Mac compatible. I reckon this would be shock to Mac users who've been asking me about it ages ago, given how casually I'm announcing this bit of news -- I will, in due course, announce it 'properly' and 'officially'. However, in the meantime, the truth of the matter is that while Janus does run on a Mac, I haven't been able to test its robustness (or LW Mac's robustness for that matter). I'm not saying it's unstable, but I can't say that I've used it enough on the Mac to say it is. This is the main reason why it's still in the shadows. But I suggest that if you're interested in trying out Janus Mac, just head over to the site where you can find information on how to get a trial version (eg emailing me).

    I'd probably have to get rid of that 'incompatible with Mac' line, soon enough.

    And, yes, I found the the 'January' bit funny, too. Better than the 'anus' joke.
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