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Thread: lightwave 11.5 merge triangles?

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    lightwave 11.5 merge triangles?

    Can somebody tell me whwere the merge triangles option is? I seen it in an advetisement in the lightwave newsletter fall 2012 issue. Did they add this or not?

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    Not sure about the native one.

    I use this one.
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    in LW11.6 it's under Construct / Reduce / Merge Triangles
    i'm not sure that it made it into 11.5...
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    LW11.6's Merge Triangles is faster than the other one

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    that's very good when importing meshes with tons of trigons.
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    They seem to work about the same speed for me, and when using either one of them they have a problem working across 2 or more layers. LW version will work across 2 or more layers as long as there is a selection made, but if not, you will merge the triangles on the first active layer and destroy the meshes on the others. MergeTrigons X is good, but again does not work across multiple layers, which I wish it did recently, while I was reducing polygons on that Hubble telescope file from NASA. Got it done and reduced 1.5mil to just over 500k using remodeling, combining polys and using the MergeTrigonsX plugin.
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    Maybe it's a Mac thing then cuz M TrigonX is very slow with large selections with the progress bar popping up as soon as you do more than fifty tri's at a time where as the lightwave one is instantaneous even with multiple thousands of tri's selected and yes I'm using both in LW11.6 in 64bit mode

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    I think that's because MergeTrigonsX for Mac is just an LScript, not a compiled plugin.

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