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Thread: AutoCAD TO LW or LWCAD ? (and back?)

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    I tried to install 'Autodesk DWG' converter with no luck so far. It asked for its own installer, then a .NET Framework upgrade...and then it is still not installing.

    So, I went to 'Any DWG DXF Converter', as suggested by kopperdrake. The trial version works at least! and I finally get my .dwg converted to .dxf. Since I don't have LWCAD yet i directly uses LW modeler. Once in Modeler, I got a bunch, ~ hundred:
    'DFX import: INSERT command not supported'
    clicked OK to each and I finally saw my 'object'. This is all the views, flats and raised, in the same layer with some extra points very far away.
    I deleted all these points.
    The scale is also wrong but luckily i have the prints to rescale.
    Is this typical ?

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    If you can't edit the original drawing in autocad yourself to make it LW friendly, it's going to be a mess every time...(without LWCAD at least)

    Often, it's faster to put a backdrop image of the plan in modeler and to retrace it manually.

    You can try this :
    It's an online dwg file editing...


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    Some updates.
    I finally obtained the .dxf, directly generated from AutoCAD by the client AND, as said above, I also used 'Any DWG DXF' to generate the .dxf from the .dwg originally given to me by the client.
    When directly loaded into Modeler (LW9.6 64) , the two .dxf (the one from AutoCAD and the one from 'Any...') look virtually identical, however there must be some differences because the .dxf generated with AutoCAD is slightly bigger (about 10%) than the one generated by 'Any...'.
    Anyways, it's a big mess as it contains different models at different scales and I wouldn't even know what is what it if I didn't have the .dwg file with all the annotations.
    I also finally acquired LWCAD 4.1 and the first thing I did was to download that .dfx.
    LWCAD loader is definitively more advanced as it uses layers (lots of) to slice the .dxf in parts. But again, it is still very hard to make sense of it without the original .dwg.
    Thanks to D-Lab, the .dwg reader you indicate is perfect. It shows the model with annotation and scales, plus the plans and raised in different layers. Without it the .dxf is useless and I'm gonna do what you all suggested previously: basically rebuild the model with LWCAD using the plans and informations in the .dwg and I am probably not even going to use the .dxf.

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    Yes - the .dxf files do come in all over the place, but perhaps don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I use the .dxf file in one layer, then copy it into another and cull all the polygons, leaving only points. Merge the points, then with the points in the working layer and the original polygonal data in the background layer you can just dot-to-dot the geometry back. I do also use Brava's "Free DWG Viewer" to view the original DWG properly. As long as you have a reference datum for a correct dimension, then LWCAD enables you to resize the imported .dxf easily to the correct scale.
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    Personally, as a hobbyist, I didn't have access to any costly stuff, so I used A9CAD to load up the DWG files and save as DXF from there.
    Worked for the few DWG files I needed to work with.
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    I've used Blender for this type of stuff too, but the .dxf files still need a bit of cleanup. It's free though.
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    I load any .dwg files into DraftSight(free CAD program from Dassault Systemes) and export a .dxf from it to load into AccuTrans. I then use AccuTrans to clean up the file if needed and export a .lwo at the correct scale using the "Save with Options".

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    plz it very easy for me i have dwg open it in autocad export dxf. lwcad import dxf its done .

    very easy this u went to get answer very easy to think.

    i do lot of architecture design with this one best wish.

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