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Thread: Question about Adobe Encore

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    Question about Adobe Encore

    I'm interesting in getting Adobe Premiere just to be able to have Encore. My question is in CS5 how difficult would the workflow be using Encore with Adobe Photoshop Elements? Tring to avoid the higher price of the Adobe Suite that includes the full version of Photoshop, if Elements would work. I know you need Photoshop to edit any of the menu bacgrounds that are included or I suppose to make you own menu backgrounds.

    Any info greatly appreciated, since time is running out to get 50% off.


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    The Elements program does not work with multi layered psd files.

    Don't worry, The menu interface included with encore has move and text tools available to do simple modifications to the hundreds of included professional menu systems.
    You would need the full Photoshop only if you were creating from custom menus from scratch.
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