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Thread: NEW VIDEO-Lightwave 3D 9.6 Modeler Volume #1-by Adam Gibson

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    NEW VIDEO-Lightwave 3D 9.6 Modeler Volume #1-by Adam Gibson

    Lightwave 3D 9.6 Modeler Volume #1-by Adam Gibson

    This is the first volume in a tool-based learning series on Lightwave 9.6's Modeler taught by Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson. Each tool is broken into it's own video for quick and easy reference. The Modeler Series is designed so that you can find the tool you want to learn about instantly by looking at the name of each video clip. You don't have to watch the whole volume in one sitting or be searching through hours of content to find the tool you want to learn about. Project based video training is great but this video is designed so that the beginner and advanced Lightwave student can learn the software in small chunks and get a better understanding of what each tool does before attempting a project. No point in teaching someone how to build a house if they've never used a hammer. Here we start at the basic so the student is better prepared for more advanced applications of their Lightwave tool set.

    Table of Contents for Volume #1

    Chapter 1- Intro

    Chapter 2- Box Tool

    Chapter 3- Ball Tool

    Chapter 4- Disc Tool

    Chapter 5- Cone Tool

    Chapter 6- Capsule Tool

    Chapter 7- Platonic Solid Tool

    Chapter 8- Wedge Tool

    Chapter 9- Gear Tool

    Chapter 10- Gears Tool

    Chapter 11- Gemstone Tool

    Chapter 12- Super Quadric Tool

    Chapter 13- Equal Lateral Triangle Tool and Bubble Tool

    Chapter 14- Star Sphere Generator

    Chapter 15- Primitives Tool

    Chapter 16- Text Tool

    Chapter 17- Logo Maker Tool

    Chapter 18- Points Tool

    Chapter 19- Spray Points Tool

    Chapter 20- Stipple Tool

    Chapter 21- Random Points Tool

    Chapter 22- Pen Tool

    Chapter 23- Points to Polys Tool

    Chapter 24- Metaballs

    Chapter 25- Metaedges

    Chapter 26- Make Triangle Fan Tool

    Chapter 27- Sketch Tool

    Chapter 28- Bezier Tool

    Chapter 29- Spline Draw Tool

    Chapter 30- Selecting Points, Polys, and Edges

    Chapter 31- Move Tool

    Chapter 32- Drag Tool

    Chapter 33- Center Tool

    Chapter 34- Shear Tool

    Chapter 35- Magnet Tool

    Chapter 36- Dragnet Tool

    Chapter 37- Move Plus Tool

    Chapter 38- Rest on Ground Tool

    Chapter 39- Snap Drag Tool

    Chapter 40- Center 1D Tool

    Chapter 41-Center Sel 1D Tool

    Chapter 42- Rotate Tool

    Chapter 43- Bend Tool

    Chapter 44- Twist Tool

    Chapter 45- Vortex Tool

    Chapter 46- Rotate HPB Tool

    Chapter 47- Rove Tool (Part 1)

    Chapter 48- Rove Tool (Part 2)

    Chapter 49- Point Normal Move Tool

    Chapter 50- Stretch Tool

    Chapter 51- Size Tool

    Chapter 52- Taper Tool

    Chapter 53- Taper Constrain Tool

    Chapter 54- Jitter Tool

    Chapter 55- Smooth Tool

    Chapter 56- Spherize Tool

    Chapter 57- Squarize Tool

    Chapter 58- Pole Tool

    Chapter 59- Pole Evenly Tool

    Chapter 60- Absolute Size Tool

    Chapter 61- Spline Guide Tool

    Chapter 62- Final

    To Purchase Video please click on the link below:
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    You may want to put up the Intro and Chapter 1 video clips as a sample. People will be more likely to buy if they can get a glimpse of what they're getting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
    You may want to put up the Intro and Chapter 1 video clips as a sample. People will be more likely to buy if they can get a glimpse of what they're getting.
    Yes me too

    There is not any preview video of the all the LW Tutorials at

    Can you publish this preview clip, i like to listen and see first

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