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Thread: interesting technique

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    interesting technique

    i'ts some time i'm trying to find a nice compromise between quality and speed for grass and every kind of detailed ground (carpets, pebbles, grass and so on).
    It's pretty inrteresting to see what happens just using multiple parallel planes (even 50 or 100) and a clipmap.
    this is an example of grass, i got it just using a veins clip and a fractal noise as texture displacement on same clip.
    Rendertime is good and you can finetune it in Fprime.
    Again, i tried it also for small rocks, pebbles ground anr results are surprising.. gonna post more.

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    That's surprsingly good for not using a hair/fur system. Would be great to use for Arch-Viz renders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrgiger View Post
    That's surprsingly good for not using a hair/fur system. Would be great to use for Arch-Viz renders.

    ...would love to see a sample scene.

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    That's the best procedural grass I've seen!
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    hell YEAH!
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    Really good..
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    Oh wow, I clicked on the image not expecting it to look real great. and was pleasantly surprised.

    I did a test once using a bunch of random planes and an image clipmap and the results looked great but were still really slow to render. Would love to see your scene.

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    Yes! Scene, scene, post the scene!
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    Bloody hell, that's really good. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice.

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    That's amazing!

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    Good stuff.

    Like others, I would love to see your scene file.

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    exellent! )

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    Nice pav
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    I'm at home and i dont have the scene but it's THAT simple:
    - make a plane with "ground" material.
    - C/P it on a different object, clone 50-100 times (more planes = less dotty look) with a 0.5 mm offset on Y. In the end, this "volume" must be 3-5 cm tall.
    - Give these planes a "grass" surface; put a simple grass texture on it.
    - give the "volume" a clipmap: procedural VEINS with these params:
    size 10mm, 200mm, 10mm;
    coverage: from 0.5 to 0.8 (thicker-thinner grass)
    ledge values: 1 and 1
    - Always in Clipmap, put a Fractal Noise layer BELOW this one and give it "texture displacement" mode with average size 200mm, 200mm, 200mm, and a low Value. Experiment until combing looks good.
    - that's all.

    BTW you can clone Volume object and give different clipping, or even a displacement... there are endless possibilities, but i'm trying to get a "plug'n'play" grass so i want to keep it as simple as i can, something i just load as preset.

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