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  1. Rendering problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutley Eugenius View Post
    I have discovered a few things about rendering in SE2 which should be known by all users. I imagine that most people probably render their projects with the project open. You select the stuff you want to render, and right click to the ‘render selected’ option and set the render panel & away it goes, and that’s totally fine. But here are some details about that… If your project is in any way heavy on processor & memory demands, close the project as soon as you start rendering it (by opening
  2. Music maker thats free

    Quote Originally Posted by vonpietro View Post
    Just wondering if anyone has used this or even knew about this.

    its a free music maker - with some pretty nice features. So now you can make royalty free music for your lightwave animations.

    I've been looking for something to make music with, and was not finding anything i really liked.
    does anyone recommend music making software?
  3. I Don't Need No Stinking Roses Today

  4. LOL ...bye for now.

    Good bye League of Legends. I had to uninstall LoL; I've been wasting way too much time playing it. It’s funny that a simple a game like this can take up so much of my free time. I have other games but those I can play for a bit then walk away. I hope to get a little more done this year. I have so much I need to read up on and a whole lot of training material that I should have finished by now.
  5. CharacterWorks: Character Generation and Motion Graphics for NewTek Tricaster

    Quote Originally Posted by LW3D View Post
    The new release of CharacterWorks, version 1.1.18, is finally here, with exciting new features, lots of bug fixes and improvements.

    As always, we greatly value your opinions and feedback. Let us hear about your experiences with CW!

    Release Highlights:

    * Video: It is now possible to import video files into CW. Video files work with CW's real-time materials and effects in exactly the same way as images and image sequences.

    * DeckLink Input
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