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  1. LW Next Changes

    11-24-2014 Release

    11-22-2014 Rob
    Lock in your HardCORE LW 11 license to ensure you are eligible for LW 12. Implies 12 is coming soon.

    11-19-2014 Lino ...

    Updated 11-24-2014 at 04:22 PM by ncr100

  2. Yosemite and Lightwave 11.6

    Quote Originally Posted by eureka View Post
    Im having issues, using Yosemite Wacom24HD Lightwave
    Screen flickers and its a pain in the arse..
    Tried reinstalling wacom drivers no luck... any suggestions??
  3. Session 3 And it's Friday

    It's Friday and weekend is 6 hours away from start time. I'm so sleepy and wish i could take nap at lunch , but i can't since it's way to hot outside. Beside all that i managed to finish up session 3 of Continuum, on Netflix. So that finale episode left me saying please no more. At first i was really hoping for a session 4. but once those Space Marines show up.. i can't say go on.
  4. Is anyone here who can customize my virtual set?

    I would like to customize a virtual set with my logo and a tv wall, is there anyone here who can do that for me? i wiould be very grateful.
  5. Not to correct a Master, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutley Eugenius View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Shabazzy View Post
    And don't forget to save regularly. If SpeedEDIT crashes on you, you'll be glad you did.
    Actually it is not necessary to save in SE at all, hardly. If it ever crashes, just restart the program, open the last project (it will be in the Projects folder and it will have the time you started working on it as it's creation time) and as soon as it opens, before you do ANYTHING else, put the mouse at the top of the SE interface, right click, snd select 'Redo all actions' and it will instantly
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